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Login Tutorial Support

Important login notice

  • Use only your Username to login instead of your full student email address
    • Eg. jdoe (not
  • When resetting your password, a link will be sent to your personal email address that you entered during your college application.

Login Instructions

For Students:

  • Login with your student email username 'jdoe' (without and Canvas Password
  • Your Canvas Password was sent to your email. If you did not receive the password, please click "Forgot Password" link to reset your password.
  • If you forgot your student email username ( or email password, please follow the Student Email Recovery Tutorial to recover your student email information.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Login with your email username 'doej' (without and email password
  • If you forget your password, contact ITS Helpcenter to reset your password.


  1. Go to WebSmart.
  2. Login using your Gnumber (eg., G012345678) and your birthdate in 'mmddyy' format (if you haven't changed your pin).
  3. After you login, click on Email link at the bottom of the page email section icon located in WebSmart home page
  4. When you get to the Student Email and Canvas Accounts page, you will see the username to use for Canvas under Email Address information. Highlight of the username inside the Student Email and Canvas Accounts page

Yes, you can still log in before you receive a student email account.
  1. Find your username at email section in WebSmart. (look Q-1 how to find username)
  2. Reset your password with the username on the Forgot Password page. An email with a password reset link is sent to your personal email shortly after the request.
  3. Check your personal email that you used when you registered at your college.
  4. Click the link to reset your Canvas password.

You can reset your Canvas password, even if you do not have a student email account, by going to the Forgot Password page with your username (look Q-1 how to find username).

The password reset information will be sent to your personal email that you used to register at your college.

You can unlock your account by resetting your password on the Forgot Password page. A successful password reset will unlock your account.

If you are not automatically redirected to Canvas or do not see a link to Canvas, then please contact Canvas Support.

If you recently registered for classes and paid the fees, please allow a minimum of 3 hours for our systems to populate your information. If your registered courses are not in Canvas after 24hrs, then please contact our Canvas Support.